Overview of Keet's RTM Solution

Keet’s new RTM solution will work hand-in-hand with Keet’s existing Engage and Outcomes solutions. With Engage, providers are able to assign activities to patients in their Care Plan, which encourages patients to participate in their recovery process in between in-person visits. Outcomes allows providers to track their patient’s recovery and experience during their care journey. Providers and clinics using these products are able to remotely monitor their patients between in-person visits. Now, with RTM, providers and clinics can bill for the care they’re already providing. 

The new Remote Therapeutic Monitoring CPT codes provide exciting opportunities for outpatient rehab therapy clinics. The Keet RTM product leverages the existing Keet Engage and Keet Outcomes products, as well as new tools, that will support your providers in understanding the new RTM codes and their requirements, in engaging your patients in order to meet those requirements, and in empowering your providers with data to make clinical decisions about patient treatment and billing. 

What's included in Keet's RTM Solution?

The Keet RTM solution contains multiple facets, each with its own way of supporting your providers, clinic, and patients.  

One part of the Keet RTM product is the RTM Billing Dashboard, which aggregates information from the Keet platform that is required for billing RTM codes. Read more about what information the dashboard providers here, and how to access the dashboard here. 

Also included in the Keet RTM product is the RTM Global Workflow, which has automated actions that the Keet platform will take to assign Questionnaires and pieces of Education to a patient’s Care Plan. Each time a new Questionnaire or piece of Education is assigned to a patient’s Care Plan, the patient will receive a notification on their mobile device (if they have notifications enabled) that will prompt them to open the Keet app. Each day that they view or complete what has been assigned to them is counted towards the engagement requirements of some of the new RTM billing codes. 

The Questionnaires and pieces of Education that the RTM workflows assign to patients are custom-built for the Keet RTM solution. Read more about them in the RTM Global Workflow and its Content article.