Access Your Keet RTM Billing Dashboard


The Keet RTM (Remote Therapeutic Monitoring) Billing Dashboard helps you to accurately track patient activities for efficient RTM billing. The dashboard is powered by Amazon Quicksight, a business intelligence (BI) tool, and is one in a series of interactive reporting dashboards available from Keet. The data included in the RTM dashboard helps to inform when RTM billing requirements have been met and gives Keet members the confidence to bill RTM codes based on data collection and activity within the Keet app. For a complete overview of the dashboard, please refer to the RTM Billing Dashboard Overview article.

How to access your RTM Billing Dashboard

  1. Look for an email from Amazon Quicksight titled "Invitation to Join QuickSight" inviting you to view your dashboard. Need this invitation resent? Let us know by opening a support ticket.
  2. Register your Amazon Quicksight account within 7 days of receiving the registration email using the following credentials:
    • Account name: keethealth
    • Username: your email address (in all lowercase - username is case sensitive!)
    • Password: You will be prompted to create a password upon registration
  3. Once registered, log in to Amazon Quicksight to access your RTM Billing Dashboard through the "Keet RTM Billing Dashboard" folder. Make sure you are checking the year of the dashboard!
  4. Bookmark this Amazon Quicksight link for quick access to your RTM Billing dashboard in the future!


The use of RTM codes should be in compliance with payer guidelines. Providers seeking guidance on the use of RTM codes may contact CMS, their Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC), relevant payers, and relevant state and national associations. This information does not constitute professional or legal advice on reimbursement and should be used at your sole liability and discretion.