Important Dizziness Handicap Inventory (DHI) Update

Updated as of April 5, 2022

On Tuesday, April 5 at 5:00 PM PST we will be updating the DHI outcome measure in the Keet platform to include the Pain scale. This effort is being initiated in order to capture additional information that aids in risk adjustment when reporting for MIPS. Pain will be important to capture on Initial Evaluation DHI and in subsequent DHI questionnaires moving forward to assist with the risk adjustment process. 

The addition of the NPRS Pain Scale to the DHI is for risk adjustment purposes only. Progress on pain for the DHI will not be tracked or submitted to CMS


How this will impact you:

You will now see a separate Functional Score and Pain Score in the questionnaire details section of a patient’s care plan. (image below)



For currently active patients who have already completed a DHI questionnaire prior to 4/5/2022, DHI questionnaire scores will update to show both the Functional and Pain score once an additional DHI questionnaire has been completed after 4/5/2022. A pain score (0-10 value) will be included under the Functional score for each DHI questionnaire. For the previously completed questionnaires, you will see a blank value (null) for the pain score. This is expected behavior since this information was not collected. (see image below) Previously completed questionnaires should NOT be Updated or Rescored unless you captured the patient's pain score on the day of that visit, otherwise, the pain score will default to a value of zero. 



For all discharged or inactive clients the scores will not update to show a separate Functional and Pain score unless, as stated above, the measure is updated or rescored. (image below)



It is IMPORTANT NOT TO UPDATE or RESCORE already completed questionnaires unless you captured a patient's reported pain score from that visit.


For clients that are collecting the DHI for the MIPS program:

As pain is a variable in the risk adjustment process, a pain score can be entered retroactively to a completed initial DHI Questionnaire ONLY IF pain information was captured at the time of the Initial Evaluation. See below for instructions on how to update.


Adding a Pain score to a previously completed DHI questionnaire: 

Only take these steps if you have a pain score that was collected at the Initial Evaluation

  1. On the initial PRO form, click on the ellipses (...) under the Action column, and click on Update Score
  2. In the Questionnaire screen that pops up, select the number on the pain scale that accurately reflects the patient’s pain at the time of the Initial Evaluation
  3. Click Submit 
  4. To show the updated scores, click on the ellipses (...) under the Action column, and click on Rescore to display the new score