Key Terms

As you are getting familiar with Keet, it may be helpful to learn some key terms frequently used throughout the application. These terms are used often when you interact with our customer support advocates and in the documentation within this help center.                                        

Term  Definition 
Account The parent company that owns your clinic
Care Plan Set of services for providing care that may include Questionnaires, Exercises, and/or Education.
Care Team Staff members at your clinic 
EOC Episode of Care, main case for region or service
Integration Keet account is linked to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
Library  Information center for Questionnaires, Education, and Exercises 
Location Different physical locations of your clinic's company 
Non-Integration Keet account is NOT linked to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
Organization  Your clinic's company
Questionnaire Forms that can be assigned to patients
Roles  Assigned job duties for Care Team members
Workflows A feature that allows you to automate delivery of content to patients