Introduce Keet to your Patients

We have created scripted templates for staff to use for the introduction to Keet and its purpose to your patients. These are templates to be used as a starting point for your clinic and should be adapted as needed based on your unique clinic processes.


Front Desk: Patient Call to Schedule an Initial Evaluation

At [clinic name], we value patient engagement which means equipping our patients with ways to communicate with us inside and outside our clinic walls. To accomplish this, we use a platform called Keet Health which you can access online or via the Keet mobile app. 

There are a variety of ways we will engage with you using Keet, including; [select all that apply - assigning home exercises, delivering questionnaires to help us understand your recovery, delivering patient education, and providing you access to chat directly with your care provider.]

[Please complete this script with appropriate options below]

If the welcome campaign is activated:
You’ll be receiving an email from Keet shortly after this phone call with information about our clinic as well as an introduction to your therapist and what to expect at your initial appointment. [and/or]

If patient outcome measures or patient registration workflows are activated:
A few days prior to your scheduled appointment, you’ll receive an email inviting you to activate your Keet account as well as to complete any forms that are assigned to you. It’s important for you to complete the forms as they will be used throughout your care plan to help us better understand your injury, personalize your care, and monitor your progress. 


Front Desk: Appointment Reminder Call

[Please include standard front desk appointment reminder call information here]. Additionally, if you have received an email from Keet with an invitation to activate your account and/or complete any forms, please complete this task prior to your initial appointment if you haven’t done so already.


Front Desk or Therapist: PRO Purpose and Expectations

The [enter name of form] form you completed [prior to your first visit -or- when you arrived to your visit] is important as it helps us better understand your injury, personalize your care and monitor your progress. 

Over the course of your care, we will have you complete this same form periodically so we can tailor your exercises and the care we provide based upon your progress. You will also complete this same form upon your discharge so we can best understand your recovery and how to ensure your success outside of our care. 

Should you have any questions along the way, please feel free to chat with us via the messaging functions in the Keet platform.