Create a Care Plan Template

Depending on the role assigned to your profile in Keet, you may be able to create Care Plan Templates. Follow the steps outlined below to create a new Care Plan Template. 

1. Click Library in the upper navigation bar

2. Click on the Care Plan Templates tab

3. Select which sub-library you'd like the new Care Plan Template to be housed in: Account or Organization (your ability to create custom content in each sub-library is based on the role assigned to your profile in Keet)

4. Click Add Care Plan Template in the upper right corner
5. Fill in the Title of the new Care Plan

6. Select a Status.


Select Draft if you are not ready to make the Questionnaire available to be used, and select Published when it is ready to be used by patients

7. Click Save

8. Now it's time to add Activities to the new Care Plan Template. Click Add to Template.

9. Search for the desired Activities using the search bar

10. Click the + sign within the tile of the Questionnaires, Education, and/or Exercises as appropriate to add them to the new Care Plan Template