Add Activities to a Care Plan

You can personalize a patient's Care Plans by adding appropriate Activities, including Exercises, Education, and Questionnaires. Activities available in your Library will depend on your clinic's subscription with Keet. 

Adding Activities to a patient's Care Plan will help you to engage your patient, influence their behavior, and drive quality clinical outcomes. 

To add an Activity to a patient's Care Plan, follow the steps below:

1. Select Patients from the upper navigation bar

2. Search for the patient whose Episode of Care you'd like to add a Care Plan to

3. Click on the patient's name to open their profile

4. Locate the Care Plan that you would like to add an Activity to


To navigate between Episodes of Care, click on the down caret next to the title of the visible Episode of Care, then click on the title of the desired Episode of Care. To navigate between Care Plans, click on the down caret next to the title of the visible Care Plan, then click on the title of the desired Care Plan from the dropdown.

5. Click Add Activity. This will open a screen where you have access to all of the Activities available in your Library. 

6. Use the search bar to search for the desired Activity. 

7. Once you've located the desired Activity, click the plus sign below the activity to add it to the patient's Care Plan. 



Learn about the features of the Add to Care Plan Library screen below.



Watch this short video to learn more about Care Plans and Activities.