Create a Custom Questionnaire

Depending on the role assigned to your profile in Keet, you may be able to create Custom Questionnaires. Follow the steps outlined below to create a new Custom Questionnaire. 

1. Click Library in the upper navigation bar

2. Click the Questionnaires tab

3. Select which sub-library you'd like the new Custom Questionnaire to be housed in: Account or Organization (your ability to create custom content in each sub-library is based on the role assigned to your profile in Keet)

4. Click Add Questionnaire


5. On the Create Questionnaire page, the following fields are required (as indicated by the pink asterisk):

Title - Give the Questionnaire a descriptive title to ensure that you and other staff at your clinic will be able to find and select the Questionnaire when searching for it later.

Status - Select Draft if you are not ready to make the Questionnaire available to be used, and select Published when it is ready to be used by patients

Description - The Description field will be visible to clinic staff when searching through Questionnaires, as well as to patients when they are assigned the Questionnaire. The Description is meant to add further context to the questionnaire items you are creating. 

Purpose - The Purpose field is used internally by clinic staff, and will only be visible when viewing the measure from the Library tab. 

Optional Fields:

Version - Can be used to assign version number(s) or letter(s) to the Questionnaire.

Tags - Can be added to help categorize the Questionnaire and associate it with certain words and phrases. Tags can be used to trigger workflows.

Display Graph toggle - When enabled, this will display a graph of the results of the questionnaire in the patient profile, which will reflect the patient's score over time.

6. Click Save. This will close out the Create Questionnaire window and will redirect you to a screen where you can add individual items to the new Questionnaire. 


To add items to the Questionnaire, follow the steps below:

1. Click Add Item on the top right side of the new Questionnaire. 

2. Enter the text of the question in the Question/Descriptor text box field. For example: "When was your procedure?" or "Rate your pain on a scale of 1-10".

3. Next, enter information about the question in the Definition field. This field is a resource for the care team to explain what a question is/does/how its scored. The Definition field will not be visible to the patient 

4. Indicate whether this item is required to be completed by clicking on the Required toggle. Items that are required must be completed by the patient in order for the Questionnaire to be completed. A Questionnaire cannot be submitted or marked as completed unless all required items have been filled out. 

5. The Type field is where you will indicate which type of item this is. You can create any of the following types of items:

Type Description
Numeric Slider End user can use a slider with a range from 0-10 to give a rating
Text Box (1 line) End user can enter a 1-line response
Text Box (Multi-line) End user can enter a multi-line response
Multiple Choice End user can select among a list of options you create and can reflect per item score and branching (also known as skip logic) if you want the Questionnaire to jump to future items based on their response to Multiple Choice questions.
Info Panel View only area for end users
Date End user can select a date on a calendar
Quantity End user can enter a numeric text response. When building this item type, a dropdown field will appear after you've selected the Quantity item type, and you will be able to select the unit of measure that is relevant to the question (the available options are: second, minute, meter, meters per second, meters per minute, meters per 6 minutes, meters per second (10 meters), meters per second (6 meters)

6. Click Save

Repeat these steps for each item that you would like to add.

See Assign a Questionnaire to a Patient when you are ready to assign the Questionnaire to a patient.