WebPT Datafeed: In-App Experience

In-App Experience

Once properly configured, the following items will be expected to auto-populate in Keet through the WebPT Datafeed. Click any link below to jump to a preferred section: 

Creation of an Episode of Care 

New Episodes of Care

Data to Be Entered Manually

Creation of Practitioners via Data Feed

Creation of Encounters via the WebPT EMR Datafeed

Creation of a New Patient

You must first Add a patient. Once a patient is created in WebPT this will allow the patient, their injury cases, and appointments to populate in Keet. As new patients are added or updated in WebPT EMR, the patient will be generated in real-time to Keet once the EMR Patient is considered ready for billing. The following patient information fields are required to be completed in WebPT EMR:

  • Patient Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender (sex)
  • Address
  • Contact Info (valid email address)
  • Required Case Information, including Related Cause and Practitioner.


If you are using Quick Add for patient creation, you will need to include all of the fields that are tagged Required for billing for the patient to be created in Keet. Read more about adding a Patient via the Quick Add Method.

Creation of an Episode of Care 

The patient's profile will be created in Keet with TWO Episodes of Care. One is called a Default Episode of Care and is required for the patient to be created. This Default Episode of Care is created upon patient creation; either manually or through the data feed connection. The datafeed cannot override the Default Episode of Care so this will remain on the patient's profile. 

The second Episode of Care will represent the patient's CASE from the EMR. This Case Episode of Care will always be the first case seen when a practitioner clicks on the patient profile. The Episode of Care name will match the Case Title that is seen in WebPT.  


New Episodes of Care

In the instance where a patient comes in for a subsequent case, a new Case Episode of Care will be auto-created with the proper assignment of the supervising practitioner. This case name will match the Case Title found in WebPT. 

The start date of the Episode of Care will be reflected in Keet through the datefeed. This should be the same date as the patient's case in the EMR. 

Data to Be Entered Manually

Below are the pieces of information that you will be responsible for entering into Keet: 

  • Insurance in the Episode of Care 
  • Treatment Category/ Primary Classification in Episode of Care
  • Location in the Care Plan
  • Clinician in the Care Plan
  • End date of discharge or completion of care plan

Creation of Practitioners via Data Feed

A practitioner's profile is currently not auto-created in Keet through the datafeed. A therapist must have an accurate EMR Identifier associated with their profile in Keet in order to have patients and Episodes of Care assigned to them. If you have a new care team member, please create their profile in Keet with their corresponding EMR Identifier before scheduling their patient in the EMR.  

To learn how to add a Care Team member, click this article link

Creation of Encounters via the WebPT EMR Datafeed

Encounters, otherwise known as visits, are logged in Keet to trigger workflows of content delivery to provide information to your patients about your clinic, upcoming appointments, or send NPS surveys. Encounters will also inform the start date of a patient's episode of care or case. This will be especially important if your clinic is tracking patient outcomes. 

Keet Planned Encounter

A Planned Encounter will be created in Keet when an appointment type of Initial Encounter is created in WebPT Scheduler, with the Status of Confirmed. If you do not include the Confirmed Status when making or updating an appointment, the Encounter will not be created in Keet. 

Keet Arrived Encounter

An Arrived Encounter is created in Keet when an appointment type Initial Evaluation has the Status of Checked-in

Read more about scheduling appointments, appointment actions, and No Checked-In Appointment Found.

WebPT EMR to Keet Data Field Comparisons

WebPT field Keet field
Patient First Name First Name
Patient Last Name Last Name
Patient DOB Date of Birth
Patient Address ( street, city, state, postal code) Address
Patient Sex (previously Gender) Patient Gender
Mobile and Home Phone Phone
Patient Email  Email
Initial Examination Date (Confirmed) Initial Eval Start Date (Encounter - Planned)
Initial Examination Date (Checked-in) Initial Eval Start Date (Encounter - Arrived)
Therapist (Scheduler) Supervising Provider (Encounter)
Case Title  Episode of Care - Title
Assigned Therapist (Case) Supervising Therapist (Episode of Care)
Primary Treatment Clinic (Case) Care Plan Location