New Keet Outcomes Dashboard v3.1

This article will help you navigate through the new reports added to your Organization's Keet Outcomes Dashboard and review each of the new visuals. 

Clinical Performance (FTP) Report

Use the visuals within this report to assess your organization and providers' MIPS Performance at the measure level.  Additional controls have been added to assist your review of performance. Please note, the visuals that each control impacts are reflected in the control naming.


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Individual Measure Tile KPI's
Performance Rate Report
Admin Missing Practitioners

Individual Measure Tile Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

These KPIs can reflect the Populations of the Organization, Locations, or Practitioners by utilizing the Controls of the dashboard.


*Note that the indicators shown as D & C may not display if the browser is not fully expanded.






Measure Title, Name, & ID

Patient Reported Outcome survey group, Measure Name, and CMS Measure ID



Risk-Adjusted (RA) Failure to Progress (FTP) Rate

This is the RA FTP Rate. This is a measure used to evaluate quality performance. Good = Blue✔, Bad = OrangeX*

=(((Observed FTP Rate - Predicted FTP rate)+1)/2) 


Keet Average Risk-Adjusted Failure to Progress Rate

Compare measure performance to all practitioners contributing to the Keet 2021 QCDR dataset

=(((Observed FTP Rate - Predicted FTP rate)+1)/2)
Averaged across all practitioners contributing to the Keet 2021 QCDR dataset


Risk-Adjusted Failure to Progress Difference

Assess the difference between the measure RA FTP rate and the average Keet RA FTP rate. A negative number indicates outperforming (good/blue/✔) the average Keet RA FTP rate. A positive number indicates underperforming (bad/orange/X) the average Keet RA FTP rate.*

Difference = RA FTP rate (B) - Keet Avg RA FTP Rate (C)

*Did you know? Nearly 5% of the US population (8% of men) is colorblind with the most common occurrence being red-green color blindness. To increase accessibility, Keet has adopted the Color-Blindness friendly palette indicating Blue as a positive, and Orange as a negative, as well as icons for those that are fully colorblind.


Performance Rate Reports

Use these reports to assess Organizational & Individual Practitioner performance by Functional Measure & Numeric Pain Rating Scale (NPRS) Measure.

The first two reports look at Functional Progression and the last two reports in the dashboard review NPRS Pain Progression.

Note that for the Practitioner reports, there is the addition of Practioner Name, and the corresponding populations & performance rates are specific to that Practioner.

Additionally, the Performance Report by Organization populations will not be filtered by the use of the Practitioner control, and the By Practitioner Performance Report will not be filtered by the use of the Location control.




Description / Use



Organization Name

Identify the Organization you are reviewing



Measure Code 

CMS Measure ID




Keet recognized PRO name



Eligible Population

Patients who were eligible for the Measure



Eligible Exclusion Population 

Patient removed from measure population



Eligible Exception Population

Patient removed from measure population



Measure Population

The population in which progression is measured

= (Eligible Population - Exclusion Population - Exception Population)


[Pain] Progressed Population

Patients who met or surpassed the MCID for the measure

= Score Change between first and last PRO is ≧ the MCID


[Pain] Failed to Progress Population

Patients who failed to meet or surpass the MCID for the measure

= Score Change between first and last PRO is<the MCID


Predicted [Pain] FTP Org

The percent of your measure population that is predicted to Fail to Progress

The average rate of the summation of coefficients of risk-adjustment criteria for patients in the measure


Avg Risk-Adjusted FTP Rate

This is the performance rate that is submitted to CMS for MIPS participation

=((Observed FTP - Predicted FTP rate)+1)/2)


Keet RA Avg

This is the average Risk-Adjusted FTP Rate across all Keet Clients

= (Sum of RA Avg FTP Rate for all Keet Clients)/Number of Keet Clients


Outperforms Keet RA Avg

Performance indicator providing insight into your org’s performance in comparison to the average Keet Client. TRUE = Indicator of Good Performance, FALSE = Indicator of Poor Performance

TRUE = Avg Risk-Adjusted FTP Rate > Keet RA Avg
FALSE = Avg Risk-Adjusted FTP Rate < Keet RA Avg


Meets Case Requirements

Performance indicator providing insight into whether the 20 case requirement is met.

TRUE = Requirement met, 

FALSE = Requirement Not Met

TRUE = Eligible Population ≧ to 20
FALSE = Eligible Population < 20


Admin Missing Practitioners Report

Use this report to identify patient episodes of care that are not assigned to a supervising provider. All EOCs that do not have an assigned supervising provider will not be included in the MIPS submission process.
o update the Supervising Provider follow the instructions found here.
For information on the original tabs included in your Keet Outcomes Dashboard, please refer to this article.