2021 MIPS Participation: Confirm Participating Providers via HARP Connected Clinicians List

The Connect Clinicians List in your HARP account identifies MIPS eligibility by provider and is updated at multiple points throughout the year to help you plan your program participation. For the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), the Quality Payment Program (QPP) determines eligibility by reviewing past and current Medicare Part B Claims and PECOS data for clinicians and practices.

To validate the providers associated with your organization's Tax Identification Number(s), and to inform the providers included in your 2021 MIPS Submission, Keet will collect the Connected Clinician List from your QPP HARP account for each TIN you intend to report data on as part of the 2021 MIPS program. Keet will collect the Connected Clinicians List for each participating TIN within your organization in November 2021 and will perform a final reconciliation of Connected Clinicians prior to the final submission of your MIPS data to CMS following the conclusion of the 2021 Performance Year. 

Confirming providers via your HARP Connected Clinicians List is required and can be completed one of two ways:

  1. Let Keet do the work for you by linking Keet Outcomes QCDR to your HARP account: If you have connected to Keet Outcomes QCDR via HARP, Keet will pull your Connect Clinicians List on your behalf. Or,
  2. Download and submit your Connected Clinicians List from your HARP account: If you are not connected to Keet via HARP, you will be responsible for logging in to the QPP via your HARP account to retrieve and submit your Connect Clinicians List to Keet via the 2021 MIPS Intent to Participate Form. To do so:
    1. Login into the QPP via your HARP account 
    2. Download the Connected Clinician List from your organization’s profile
    3. Submit the Connected Clinician List intact, with no changes to Keet via the 2021 MIPS Intent to Participation Form

MIPS Submission Fees

The Participation Option (Group and/or Individual) that you designate for each TIN participating in the 2021 MIPS program within your organization, the corresponding Connected Clinicians List, and provider data within Keet will inform the annual MIPS Submission Fees your organization is invoiced as outlined in your Business Service Agreement with Keet Health. MIPS Submission Fees will be invoiced in December 2021. 

Please note, only the Participation Option of Individual allows you to select which providers you report on, and are subsequently invoiced for. If you intend to report ONLY as Individual, your MIPS Submission Fees will apply to all providers identified by National Provider Identification (NPI) in the 2021 Keet MIPS Intent to Participate Form you complete on behalf of your organization.

For the 2021 Performance Year, CMS has defined the data to be included in the Group submission as: “If you choose to participate in MIPS as a group, you’ll need to collect and submit the available data from all of the clinicians within your group as appropriate to the quality measures you select. This includes data for clinicians that aren’t eligible for MIPS or a MIPS payment adjustment.” <Source pg. 17>

As such, the count of providers for invoicing of organizations who selected Group reporting was generated using both the Connected Clinicians list in the QPP and the count of Practitioners with quality performance data in Keet. Per the group reporting definition, all providers associated with the TIN (present in QPP Connected Clinician list) must be included in reporting. Additionally, any data collected from providers who are not eligible for MIPS but are represented in your quality performance data in Keet must also be included.