2021 MIPS Participation: MIPS Decision Makers

Participation Responsibilities: MIPS Decision Makers

MIPS Decision Makers are those individuals within your organization that have the authority to sign off on any Keet Outcomes related correspondence requiring signature and / or authorizing submission of data to CMS for the MIPS program, and will be responsible for disseminating content to other members within the organization as appropriate. Keet Outcomes requires each organization to adhere to the following requirements related to MIPS Decision Makers:  

  • Your organization must designate a minimum of two (2) MIPS Decision Makers.
  • As an organization, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is clear within your organization who has the authority to make decisions as designated MIPS Decision Makers.
  • One (1) of your organization's designated MIPS Decision Makers will be required to attest to any Keet Outcomes communications requiring signature. 
  • MIPS Decision Makers must be identified as an “Administrator” within each of your organizations in the Keet Health platform to ensure that any MIPS-related communications will be received by those with the authority to make decisions related to the MIPS program.