Duplicate Patient Showing on the One/No-PRO List

Patient Showing on Cases with No-Pro List

A patient who is populating onto the One/No-PRO list within the Keet Outcomes Dashboard due to having a duplicate patient profile in Keet can be resolved by completing the following steps: 

Resolving the Duplicate Patient:

  1. Determine which patient profile contains the completed content (PRO forms). This is the profile that should remain active and will need to be updated in order to be reflected in the data correctly. We will refer to this patient profile as the primary.
  2. Navigate to the other patient profile which does not have completed content, but has the necessary external IDs (this is often the case that was created via the integration). We will refer to this patient profile as the duplicate.
  3. On the duplicate profile select View Details to view the patient profile and locate the External ID. Copy this ID and then delete it from this profile. Click Savemceclip3.pngmceclip0.png
  4. Navigate to the primary profile and select View Details. Paste the correct external ID which you copied from the duplicate profile into the identifiers area of the primary profile. Click Save.

Resolving the Duplicate Case:

    1. On the duplicate profile navigate to the Episode of Care which is showing up as non-compliant. This case should be reflective of the manually-created Episode of Care. For example, the primary profile's PT-KNEE case corresponds to the duplicate profiles PT- TKR L. mceclip1.pngmceclip2.png
    2. Select Edit next to the duplicate Episode of Care, copy the ID, and delete.
    3. On the Status of this duplicate case, mark the Episode of Care and Care Plan as "Entered In Error" and Save the changes.
    4. Navigate to the primary Episode of Care and paste the ID into the case details. Click Save to ensure all changes are captured. 


Any changes that are made will be reflected in the Keet Outcomes Dashboard following the nightly data refresh.