Move a Questionnaire Response Between Care Plans

How to move a Questionnaire to a different Care Plan

A Questionnaire Response can be moved between Care Plans within a patient's profile. A Questionnaire Response can be moved between Care Plans within a single Episode of Care, or a Questionnaire can be moved to a Care Plan within a different Episode of Care. 

Follow the steps outlined below to move a Questionnaire Response from one Care Plan within the Patient's profile to another. 

  1. Locate the Questionnaire and the specific response that you would like to movefind_questionnaire_2.jpg
  2. From the Action drop-down menu select Move click_move.jpg
  3. In the popup window choose the Care Plan that you wish to move the Questionnaire response to. Care Plans will be listed in plain text beneath the bolded Episode of Care in which they are contained.move_box.jpg
  4. Click Submitsubmit.jpg
  5. Questionnaire response will now be located under the selected Care Planbalance_eoc.jpg


Any changes that are made to the location of a questionnaire will be reflected in the Keet Outcomes Dashboard following the data refresh that occurs nightly. 


When to Move a Questionnaire to Another Care Plan

For MIPS Participants, the decision to move a PRO form from one Episode of care or Care Plan to another may be due to any of the following:
  • Forms migrated to an Untitled Episode of Care during Migration
  • Forms entered erroneously to the incorrect Episode of Care
  • Rolling Episodes of Care with the same PRO forms together under the same Care plans for MIPS reporting
For those not participating in MIPS, if the questionnaire was erroneously entered in the incorrect case you would want to move that to the correct Care Plan.