CMS Care Compare (Star Ratings)

Key Points:

  • CMS Published the performance of 2019 participating Cares to the CMS Physican Compare Website
  • Keet Outcomes Improvement Activities are displayed alongside all Keet Participating Providers and Organizations from 2019.
  • Keet Outcomes Quality Measure data (IROMS) is not depicted due to limited QCDR measures being converted into score ratings by CMS.
  • Keet anticipates the Keet Outcomes Quality Measure data measures being included in Star Ratings in the near future.


Since 2019 Medicare has displayed the performance category results of both clinicians and organizations (groups) through the CMS Physician Compare tool under requirements of the Affordable Care Act. In 2020, In accordance with MACRA- CMS transitioned to the Care Compare website. Performance data is posted 2 years in arrears, meaning 2019 performance data (Keets first year of participation) was posted this summer, 2021. 

To normalize scoring and increase ease of use by the patients utilizing Care Compare- CMS agreed on a “Star Rating System” to display the performance rates of individuals and groups relative to MIPS Quality Measures. While the Keet Outcomes Quality measures are CMS-approved QCDR Measures, CMS has not yet created the Star Rating calculation for them. In fact, less than .009% (7/753) of approved QCDR Measures have been turning into Star Ratings. 

CMS has stated intent to convert additional measures to the Care Compare Star-Ratings system with the majority being rated by 2024. 

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