Create Custom Education

Education can be a variety of content you would like to provide to your patient to help them stay informed during their care journey. This content can provide insightful information to help alter their health behaviors or improve their health status. Depending on the role assigned to your profile in Keet, you may be able to create your own educational content such as safe pain management, how to stay healthy through physical activity, or how to identify infection at their surgery site. 

1. Click on Library in the upper navigation bar 

2. Click on the Education tab  

3.  Select the Account or Organization sub-library so that the Add Education button appears in teal. 


Keet Global is the default library database. You will not be able to edit or add education to Global libraries.

 4. When you click Add Education the Create Education builder will open 

5. At a minimum, you must enter text into the Title field and the Status field.


We recommend saving Education in a Draft status until you have completed building it.

6.  Enter the educational Content in the body of the Create Education builder. Use the toolbar to help you build the content, review the following symbols and their functions:

undo_redo.pngRedo or replace an item deleted or altered
headings.pngH1 -H3: Paragraph heading styles 
quotes.pngHighlight your text and select this tool to change your text to a phrased quote
add_section.pngAdds a line to break up content
indent_icon.pngAlign or ident text, numbered and bullet points
link_icon.pngAdd a link to another website 
photo_icon.pngAdd an image using a URL 
movie_icon.pngAdd a video
table_icon.pngCreate a table
full_screen_mode.pngSelect to work in full-screen mode
help_center.pngHelp Icon will provide you with a menu of keyboard shortcuts and additional formatting assistance

7. Once you have completed your Education, click Save. 

8. If saved as "Draft" the draft will be in the Organization tab until published 

9. Navigate to the Education piece you created, select the three ellipses under Action

10. Action dropdown will allow you to Preview, Edit, Delete, and Print
11. Select Edit to update the status to Published

12. Select Save to Publish your Education to the Account library