2021 MIPS Participation: HARP Account Creation

The QPP has a portal set up by CMS that provides secure, confidential access to group and clinician MIPS information. Provider eligibility, final scores, and payment adjustments are published exclusively to organizations and providers through their HARP account and profile. Access to the QPP through a HARP account is mandatory for 2021 MIPS submission with Keet Outcomes QCDR for each Tax Identification Number associated with your organization.


The process to register for your organization's HARP account and provide Keet access is detailed below. If you already have a HARP account linked to your practice, skip ahead to section 2:


Section 1: Create HARP Account

  1. Register for a HARP account following the steps outlined in the QPP Access User Guide
    1. Register for a HARP account here. HARP requires remote identity proofing in this step.
    2. If you have previously signed into QPP.cms.gov, use those credentials in this step.
  2. Link your account to your practice. This step can be found outlined as Step 2 in the QPP Access User Guide.
    1. Sign in to your account on the QPP.cms.gov website, here.
    2. Navigate to Manage Access.
    3. Select “Practice”.
    4. Enter the quantity of Tax ID numbers connected to your organization.
    5. Follow the steps to add your practice(s).
    6. The first user will need to be a Security Official. Subsequent users can be Staff Users.
    7. The Security Official must have access to complete the next step. If you are unsure who the security user of your organization is, or if that user does not have access- contact the QPP at 1-866-288-8292 for assistance.

Section 2: Link to Keet Outcomes

To facilitate Keet’s access to your Provider Eligibility, which is necessary for submission, please complete this four-step process outlined below.

  1. Alert Keet to your HARP account by completing the 2021 Keet MIPS Intent to Participate Form or by emailing qcdr@keethealth.com.
  2. Following completion of the form or receipt of this email, Keet will request to link to your account via Julia Goodwin and/or Susan Lofton.
  3. Approve the request from Julia Goodwin and/or Susan Lofton which connects your practice to Keet Outcomes QCDR. This step can be found outlined as Step 3 in the QPP Access User Guide.
    1. As a Security Official, Navigate to Manage Access.
    2. Look for the Pending Request from Julia Goodwin and/or Susan Lofton to be added as a Staff User.
    3. Approve Keet Outcomes as a Staff User of your organization.
      **We will be alerted once you have approved our request. No additional follow up is necessary

The deadline for finalizing Keet's access to your HARP account is 11/23/2021.

For additional help setting up your HARP account, contact the QPP helpline at 1-866-288-8292.