Add a Workflow

Workflows trigger the automated delivery of content to a patient at any point throughout their Episode of Care. You can create a custom workflow to either assign content to the patient's care plan or have an email sent directly to their inbox. 

You must have Administrator permissions on your Keet Health profile in order to access and edit Workflows

  1. Select Workflows from the navigation bar mceclip0.png
  2. Select Add Workflow mceclip0.png
  3. Name the Workflow and select Savemceclip4.png
  4. Select Add Triggered Action mceclip5.png
  5. From the drop-down menu select the appropriate Trigger and then click Savemceclip6.png
  6. Select the Action box to add an action to the Trigger mceclip7.png
  7. Choose a Command from the drop-down menumceclip9.png
  8. Review the Actions from the menu below

    • Patient
      • Screen_Shot_2020-12-28_at_5.21.11_PM.png
      • Filters:  Patient Age, Patient Gender
      • Use Cases
        • Send an email to a new patient 
        • Add a questionnaire to a patient's Care Plan once they have been created in the system
      Care Plan
      • Screen_Shot_2020-12-28_at_5.37.17_PM.png
      • Filters: Patient Age, Patient Gender
      • Use Cases
        • Send a congratulatory email once a patient completes their care plan 
      Care Plan Activity 
      • Screen_Shot_2020-12-28_at_5.38.04_PM.png
      • Filters: Patient Age, Patient Gender, Care Plan Status
      • Use Cases
        • Send a questionnaire after an activity has been completed to track progress
      • Screen_Shot_2020-12-28_at_5.38.41_PM.png
      • Filters: Patient Age, Patient Gender, Appointment Date, Appointment Type, Appointment Status, Appointment is initial evaluation 
      • Use Cases
        • Once an initial evaluation appointment is created in your EMR system will send an invitation to download the app

          Triggered Actions 

      Questionnaire Response
      • Screen_Shot_2020-12-28_at_5.41.36_PM.png
      • Filters: Patient Age, Patient Gender, Questionnaire Tag, Questionnaire Score
      • Use Cases
        • Target patients who answer questionnaires a specific way with additional content
      • Screen_Shot_2020-12-28_at_5.42.33_PM.png
      • Filters: User Confirmed
      • Use Cases:
        • This will be useful for clients who create patients manually
      NPS Tracker
      • Screen_Shot_2020-12-28_at_5.44.07_PM.png
      • Filters: Promoter, Detractor, NPS Score, Patient Age, Patient Gender
      • Use Cases:
        • Send social review email to anyone who is a promoter 
  9. Fill in the required information that is relevant for the Command and select Savemceclip10.png
  10. Select Filter to further refine the Trigger. If you are adding multiple Filters within the same Triggered Action all of the Filter criteria must be met in order for the action to successfully occur.  mceclip0.png
  11. Add in additional Triggered Actions if needed
  12. When you are ready for the Workflow to be turned on select the Power Icon to activatemceclip11.png