Create a Workflow

Workflows can be used to automate a number of processes and actions. This article will outline the different components of a workflow as well as a few use cases. By utilizing workflows within the Keet platform you can automatically assign content to a patient's care plan or have an email sent directly to their inbox. 

You can review Keet Global Workflows in this article, including how to enable and disable global workflows.

Workflows are made up of as many triggered actions as you need to solve for the aspect or process you are trying to automate. Once you have the workflow set up as desired, you will have to click the power button at the top left to activate it. An enabled workflow will have a green glow around the border, while an inactivated workflow will have a red glow as shown here. 



When creating a workflow the first step will be to title the workflow.


Each workflow will need an 'Actions' defined, as outlined below. The Trigger Actions are diagramed to show the related next steps, as triggers and filters are dependent on the Actions selected. The workflow process will be Action > Action state > Trigger > Filter.

You can set a schedule for when you would like the workflow content to send to your patient. If no schedule is assigned to the workflow it will be sent immediately following the completed action.




Triggered Actions 

  • PAtient_.png
  • Filters:  Patient Age, Patient Gender
  • Use Cases
    • Send an email to a new patient 
      • This action would be Patient > Created > Send Notificationo (email) > Search Email Template > Save
    • Add a questionnaire to patients once they have been created in the system
      • This action would be Patient > Created > Add Questionnaire to Care Plan > Select Global or Account Questionnaire > Set an Optional Schedule > Save.
Care Plan
  • Care_Plan.png
  • Filters: Patient Age, Patient Gender
  • Use Cases
    • Send a congratulatory email once a patient completes their care plan 
      • This action would be Care Plan > Completed > Send Email > Select Account or Organization Email > Set Optional Schedule to x amount of days After the patient completed their Care Plan > Save
Care Plan Activity 
  • care_plan2.png
  • Filters: Patient Age, Patient Gender, Care Plan Status
  • Use Cases
    • Send a questionnaire after an activity has been completed to track progress
      • This workflow example can be any activity such as an Education piece read or Exercise completed.
      • This action would be Care Plan Activity > Completed > Add Questionnaire to Care Plan > Select Global or Account Questionnaire Form type > Set Optional Schedule> Save
  • appointment.png
  • Filters: Patient Age, Patient Gender, Appointment Date, Appointment Type, Appointment Status, Appointment is an Initial Evaluation. 
  • Use Cases
    • Once an initial eval appointment is created, send an invitation to download the app
Questionnaire Response
  • questionnaires.png
  • Filters: Patient Age, Patient Gender, Questionnaire Tag, Questionnaire Score
  • Use Cases
    • Target patients who answer questionnaires a specific way with additional content
      • This use case would require a custom questionnaire with a score rating. Example: Patient scores a Stress Index Survey a 7, Add an Education content on Stress Management.
      • This action would be Questionnaire Response created > Add Content to Care Plan > Education Type > Search in Global or Account > Select Education > Save
      • Use additional filters to indicate the score needed to receive follow-up content.
  • This_one.png
  • Filters: User Confirmed
  • Use Cases:
    • This will be useful for clients who create patients manually or for patients who self-register using a code
NPS Tracker
  • NPS.png
  • Filters: Promoter, Detractor, NPS Score, Patient Age, Patient Gender
  • Use Cases:
    • Send social review email to anyone who is a promoter