Required External ID and EMR Identifiers

Each Account is structured by the Organization and its Locations, Practitioners, and Patients along with a Patient's Episode of Care. These specific settings all have unique identifiers known as External IDs or EMR Identifiers (if you have a connection from your EMR to Keet). Each unique ID captures data to further identify a specific injury or case, associate patients with their treating Practitioner, the patient location of services, populate Outcomes data, and inform MIPS reporting data. 

Keet offers standard connections with select EMR Vendors. If your organization does not have an established connection with an EMR to Keet, these IDs are still required to populate outcomes data reporting. Please review each section for suggested External IDs without an EMR connection. 

This article will help you locate each unique External ID or EMR Identifier, click the links below to jump to each section. 




Episode of Care


  • The Organization External ID identifies the Account ID or Tenant ID
  • If you do not have an EMR connection, we recommend using your TAX ID
  • Go To Admin Settings


    •  Status > Edit Organization Info Screen_Shot_2020-11-12_at_1.51.47_PM.png
  • Location

    • The Location External ID identifies Clinic Location(s)

    • If you do not have an EMR connection, we recommend you use your EMR Place of Service ID.
    • If you do not use an EMR, we recommend the first location start with the number 1 and go in numeric order for each location.
    • The Clinic Location ID is needed for the Practitioner and Patient to be associated with the correct place of service 
    • Admin Setting > Status > Edit Locations 
    • Select ... Edit to review the Location Profile Screen_Shot_2020-11-12_at_1.53.36_PM.png
  • Practitioner

    • The Practitioner ID identifies the provider serving patients
    • If you do not have an EMR connection, we recommend using a Provider EMR User ID.
    • If you do not have an EMR source, use the provider NPI.
    • The Practitioner ID is needed to associate the patient with their Provider
    • Select Practitioner > Edit 
  • Screen_Shot_2020-11-12_at_1.56.44_PM.png


  •  The Patient External ID identifies the Patient ID or Client ID from your EMR. 
  • If you do not have an EMR connection, we recommend using the patient MRN (Medical Record Number)
  • Select Patient > Active> View Details mceclip0.png


Episode of Care

  • The Episode of Care External ID identifies the Patient's Case or Region of Injury
    • Select Patient > Select Edit in the Episode of CareScreen_Shot_2020-11-12_at_2.00.52_PM.png
    • The EMR ID/External ID for the Episode of Care will identify the patient's "Problem ID" or Case ID. (example: Clinicient EMR). This case ID may be a different field in your EMR. Please consult with your EMR vendor on this identifier or use the patient's medical record number. Screen_Shot_2020-11-12_at_2.03.52_PM.png

If you need assistance in finding the External IDs for WebPT EMR, you can review this article: WebPT Data Feed: Account Configuration