First Time Login Activities

Here are some suggested activities to do to review your account set up if you are a Practitioner or Staff member logging into your account for the first time. Your clinical administrator will need to send you a registration link to activate your account. The registration link will allow you to establish your username and password. 

1. Navigate to the Keet Home Page:

*Bookmark this link for future use

2. Enter your username and password to log in


3. Upon login, you are directed to the Patients Menu 

4. Click the dropdown menu in the upper right corner to click My User


5. Review Basic Settings.  These include name, email, username, phone number. Please note that you are unable to change your username. 



6. Review Security Settings. You can modify your password here



If your basic information is correct you can now review the rest of your account and start using Keet! 

As a Practitioner or Staff user, you have access to Patients, Care Team, and Library navigation menus. You can further review your roles and permissions here. If you feel you need additional permissions you will need to contact your account or organization administrator to update your profile. 


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