Keet Administrator: Getting Started with Keet

Welcome to Keet Health - we're excited to have you here with us!

What is Keet? 

Keet offers a single platform and mobile application to communicate with and engage patients in their care. With Keet, you’ll be able to improve collaboration, foster participation, and influence patient behavior—producing continuous quality improvements and measurably better outcomes. 

Keet gives you all the tools you need to deliver high-quality digital care to patients—increasing satisfaction, improving outcomes, and maximizing reimbursements. Leverage easy-to-use education tools, customized exercise videos, personalized care plans, and secure in-app messaging to drive patient participation, measure progress, and adjust treatment plans as needed, partnering for better health and improved outcomes.

We've arranged the information in this guide in the order that you'll need it.

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Account or Organization Administrator


Stay Active with Keet

How to Get Help

Key Terms 

As you are getting familiar with Keet, it may be helpful to learn some key terms frequently used throughout the application. They are used often while you interact with our customer support advocates and read our documentation within this help center.                                        

Term  Definition 
Account   Your Keet Parent Account
Organization    Clinic organization 
Location   Additional clinic locations of an Organization
Workflows   Automated delivery of content to patients
Library    Information center for forms content and exercises 
EOC  Episode of Care, Main case for region or service, PT/OT/ST
Care Plan   Set of services for providing care: Questionnaires, Exercises, etc
Learning Lab   Resource center for training materials, MIPS, etc.
Care Team   A staff member at your clinic 
Roles    Assigned job duties for your clinic
Permissions   Action able to perform in the Keet application 
Integration   Keet account is linked to an Electronic Medical Record-EMR
Non-Integration   Keet account is NOT linked to an Electronic Medical Record
Encounters Arrived or Planned Visit Encounter


Administrative Role 

As an Account or Organization administrator at your clinic, you may wear many hats. This section will help you manage users, add users to your organization, update or manage other clinic locations, and assist in patient management. You may also need to organize or fine-tune pre-existing features such as education, exercises, forms, and workflows. 

Understanding Administrator Roles

Organization Structure

Once you are able to access your account it is recommended that you review your Organization's information. This is important to ensure that the data is correct for established integrations, along with your clinic's basic company information including your Tax ID, NPI, and physical address. 


If your organization has more than one location, you can follow the links below to assist in updating current location information and adding location email links to help drive your patient engagement. 

Care Team Creation

A care team member can include but is not limited to, the front desk staff, administrators, aides, and practitioners. In order for a care team member to be able to use Keet, you must first create their profile and send them an invitation to log in to their account. Profiles will determine what the clinic's care team member can do in the application. 


A library will include all your main patient content including questionnaire forms, education articles, exercises, and templates you created. A template is a combination of library content that you create to send to a certain patient group population who may receive the same treatment of care. 

Patient Management 

Patients are the main reason you chose Keet. This section will help you manually add or edit patient demographics information, create an episode of care, and add content to your patient's care plan. If you have established an EMR integration some of these actions will populate through the integration.

Patient Creation 

Patient Episode of Care

An Episode of Care includes the Care Plan or set of services you will provide for the patient's case of injury. You can easily determine the type of services if the patient receives additional treatments for speech, occupational, or multiple rejoins of injury. 

Patient Questionnaires 

Questionnaires will help you track your patient's progress in the care your practitioners and staff are providing. When your patient arrives at the clinic they can complete their surveys while waiting for their appointment. 

Additional Documents / Resources Needed 



Thank you for all that you do! As a part of the provider and staff care team in your clinic, you have an important role in establishing a connection with patients while delivering more personalized care. This section will help you manage your own user profile, your patient's care plan documentation, and daily activities. 

Manage your Account

When you log in to your account for the first time, we recommend reviewing your basic information is correct. You can update your personal information and change your password under My User settings. 

Manage your Patients

You may see your patient profiles populated in your account, depending on your organization's setup with Keet you may have to add the patient manually. As a practitioner or staff member, you can help the patient in registering for their own clinic patient account and resetting their account password. 

Manage an Episode of Care 

Once the patient's region of injury is determined you will need to create their Episode of Care. The Episode of Care will include the Care Plan or set of services that you will provide for the patient's case of injury. 

When the patient's Episode of Care is created, building their Care Plan is the next step.

Manage Patient Questionnaires 

 Care Plan Templates

A Care Plan template is a set of tasks, education, or exercises you can create for a specific patient group. For example, I would like to build a template for all content for Hip replacement patients. A care plan template can easily be set for that set patient demographics. 

Additional Resources

Bookmark this suggested daily to-do list for additional help on your day-to-day activities.