Net Promoter Score (NPS)

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How it Works



A Net Promoter Score or NPS is the patient's response rating from your clinic’s satisfaction survey:              

                  “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or family member?"

The response collected is not necessarily just a simple score between -100 and +100. In most cases, these scores indicate services rendered as well as the public perception of the patient's experience within your practice. This applies to everything from the scheduling process, parking, front desk registration, home exercise programs, interactions with their therapist, and even outcomes. Needless to say, this 0-10 scale is subjective to the patient’s particular experiences and results may vary over time.
Within the past 5 years, the Physical Therapy community has worked to collect this information to stay informed of their patient’s experience. With that said, the NPS responses and comments will allow you to take the following actions within your clinic: 
  • Incentivize therapists for positive results
  • Further, develop or train therapists in providing the best patient experience possible
  • Turn promoter patients into advocates of the PT brand via marketing campaigns and online reviews
  • Fix broken or bad experiences between clients or processes
  • Track trends over time


  • Scoring ranges on a -100 to +100 scale
    • A score of 0 means you have as many detractors as promoters
  • Patients rank the performance of you and your clinic on a 0-10 scale and that is transitioned to a percentage calculation:


  • Each score is categorized into a Detractor (0-6), Passive (7-8), and Promoter (9-10).

How it Works

An NPS Survey will be sent to the patient via email, 7, and 28 days after they have been seen at your clinic for their first Initial Evaluation. This workflow will trigger when the patient is marked as arrived for their Initial Evaluation in the EMR (Electronic Medical Record).

If you do not have an established Keet Connection from your EMR, this will be triggered by creating an Arrived Encounter in the patient Episode of Care. 


Once the patient submits their response we will collect the patient's score and comments, you will then be able to review all patient responses within the clinic's NPS Dashboard:

An individual patient's score and comment can also be viewed within the patient's profile. When you hover over the NPS score the comment box will appear. 

Example: Promotor Rating


Example: Passive Rating


Example: Detractor Rating 


Notification Workflow

A Care Team member with an NPS role assigned to their profile will receive a system-generated email when a patient responds with a score of 6 or lower (Detractor).

Within the email, a provided link will take you directly to the specific patient's messaging center.  The patient's messaging center will include details of the patient's response as well as the score. You can then decide how you would like to remedy the situation by either sending a message directly to the patient or have the therapist reach out in order to resolve any issues or concerns. 

The patient will also have the ability to go back and edit any NPS responses that they have provided.