Understanding Administrator Roles

This article is to assist with understanding the Administrator user roles and how they are associated with your clinic. 

What is the best role to choose from?

Account Administrator: If your clinic has a Corporate Parent Account with multiple Child Organizations and locations, an Account Administrator will then manage all Child Organizations and locations under the Corporate Parent Account.  

Organization Administrator:  Responsible for only the Child Organization and its locations to which they are assigned under the Parent Account hierarchy.



Parent Corporate Account: Keet Health 

                                               Account Admin - Jane Smith 

                                               Organization 1 Admin - Susan Jones 

Child Organizations & Organization Locations:  

Org 1: Keet Physical Therapy East 

  • Location A: East Side 
  • Location B: West Side

Org 2: Keet OutPatient Therapy Source 

  • Location C: Beaumont Ave

Account Administrator Jane Smith has access to all organizations (Org 1 and Org 2) and their locations (A-C) listed under Keet Health. She is able to add, edit, create content, manage patients, and care team users throughout; along with editing account settings for both Keet PT East and Keet Outpatient Therapy Source Organizations. 

Organization Administrator Susan Jones only has access to Keet PT East Organization (Org 1) and it's locations (A&B only). She has read-only access to some Account content shared throughout Keet Health Account but does not have access to any of Keet OutPatient Therapy Source's (Org 2, Location C) patients or care team members. 


Accounts without a Parent Account

If you have an account without a Parent Account and Child Organization Hierarchy we recommend you assign roles to your administrative staff according to the permissions outline below: 

Account Administrator: This role will allow the user to access the Admin Settings menu to edit company information such as TAX ID, NPIs, EMR Identifiers, and Features. 

Organization Administrator: This role will have admin permissions, however, they do not have access to the Admin Settings. 


Navigation Between Organizations

If you are an Account Administrator that oversees multiple Organizations you can easily toggle between those within the Keet Platform. In the upper-right navigation bar, you will see a Hierarchy icon as highlighted below:


From the drop-down menu that appears select the desired Organization to view the related patients and content.