Update a Submitted Questionnaire

If you have found a patient's questionnaire completion date or submitted answers were entered incorrectly you can follow the steps outlined below to change a questionnaire's completion date, update previously submitted answers, or rescore a questionnaire survey. 

Updating a Questionnaire Date/Answers 

  1. Click Patients in the upper navigation bar
  2. Search for the patient whose questionnaire you are wanting to change or update
  3. Click the appropriate questionnaire to open 
  4. Click the three ellipses... in the Action column
  5. Select Update Answers
  6. Once the questionnaire opens you can perform edits as needed.
  • If you change the patient's answers previously submitted, this will change the patient's scoring for the related outcome.
  • Select Submit once you have completed the appropriate edits
  • Return to the Actions menu > Select Rescore from the drop down to reflect the new score.  mceclip0.png
  •  If you need to update the date the form was completed,  click Update Answers to reopen the form, and in the Completion Date field,  select the new date in the calendar
    7.  Click Submit at the bottom of the questionnaire to save changes.