Email Template: Introducing Keet to your Staff

Tailor this email template to introduce Keet Health to your team. 


Subject: Welcome Keet Health!

Email body:

Hi there,

We're excited to introduce our new partner, Keet Health!

Keet offers a single platform and mobile application to communicate with and engage patients in their care. With Keet, you’ll be able to improve collaboration, foster participation, and influence patient behavior—producing continuous quality improvements and measurably better outcomes. 

Next steps:

  1. Look for an email coming soon that will invite you to our clinic’s Keet account. 
  2. Activate your Keet account which will give you access to training, clinic content, and much more. 
  3. Visit Keet’s Learning Lab to learn how to use Keet in a few short and sweet lessons. 
  4. Familiarize yourself with your Keet account by following the available in-app training. 
  5. Register for an upcoming live training session:
  6. Want more training and materials? Check out Keet’s Help Center.

Getting started with your training today is the easiest way to understand what you’ll need to do (and, it'll likely save you a few clicking expeditions when you get into your Keet account). We will begin using Keet, including collecting patient-reported outcome measures starting [insert time period you expect staff to begin using Keet].  

Thank you!


P.S.: Hungry for more information from Keet? Check out their blog all about restoring humanity in healthcare.