Add Branching to Multiple Choice Questionnaire Questions

Branching is another term for "skip logic," which lets you design Questionnaires that changes what question the respondent sees next, based on how they answer the current multiple choice question. Basically, it creates a custom survey that varies based on a respondent's answers.


For example, you create a survey that includes the following multiple choice question.

What type of pet do you have?

A. Cat

B. Dog

C. Fish

D. None of the above

Depending on the answer the respondent chooses, the next question varies.

  • If the respondent chooses A (cat), you may want to follow up with "What brand of scratching post does your cat use"?
  • Or if the respondent chooses B (Dog), you may want the next question to be "Is your dog a Retriever"? and so forth. 

In the same way, Keet allows you to add branding to multiple choice questions in its Questionnaires.

  1. To set this up, you will have to start by creating the initial multiple choice question from which your branch(es) will flow in the Questionnaire
  2. Click Add Branch (AddBranchButton.png) to the right of the Multiple Choice question to which you want to add branching
    A new window opens, where you can add in the branch information
  3. Under Classifications, select the checkbox associated with the answer to which you want to add a branch
  4. Type the Question you want to add as a follow-up
  5. Provide a Description
  6. Select whether the respondent's response is Required
  7. Select what Type of item you are creating
Type Description
Numeric Slider End user can use a slider with a range from 0-10 to give a rating
Text Box (1 line) End user can enter a 1-line response
Text Box (Multi-line) End user can enter a multi-line response
Multiple Choice End user can select among a list of options and can create branching (also known as skip logic) if you want the Questionnaire to jump to future items based on their response to Multiple Choice questions.
Info Panel View only area for end users
Date End user can select a date on a calendar

8. Click Save