Verify Location Information

It is best practice to verify the information listed for your organization's location. Below are the steps outlined to verify a location's name, address, phone numbers, time zone, etc. Customizing patient email content for the clinic such as Social Review Website Link, Google Maps, Patient Website Forms, and Consent Forms can be added here to deliver specific content for the specific place of service. 

  1. Click the dropdown arrow in the upper right corner
  2. Select Admin Settings

  3. Click Locations in the left navigation bar OR click View Locations in the menu 

Screen_Shot_2020-08-28_at_11.22.59_AM.png4. When the location menu appears, click the location whose information you want to verify.

The Edit Location side menu opens. 


You will want to verify the clinic location's name, address, and ensure the status of the location is set to ACTIVE.  Additional fields available are clinic email address, phone number. The URL links or email tags are associated with deliverable emails so your patients are provided with information they need prior to their first appointment. 

5. It is important that you confirm the location ID matches what is seen in your EMR regardless of your integration status. 


If needed, change or add any information then click Save