Search for a Patient

If you are unable to locate a patient there are two ways to search for their profile. The quick search available in the upper navigation bar is the easiest way to find a patient. The filtering options on the Patients menu will allow you to search by a number of parameters such as date of birth, gender, location, etc.


Perform a Quick Search

  1. Click the magnifying glass icon in the upper navigation bar to open the search field
  2. Start typing the name of the patient you are searching for
  3. Select the appropriate patient in the drop down list to reveal the Care PlanSearchMagnifyingGlass.gif

Perform a Standard Search

  1. Click Patients in the upper navigation bar
    mceclip0.png2. In the Search field fill out as many parameters as needed

Location Note

If your Organization has multiple clinic locations this is where you will want to filter by location in order to see the associated patient users!