Deliver a Patient's Questionnaire using a QR code

Patients can complete an assigned questionnaire in the clinic on an iPad or other tablet device using a QR code. A QR code is a bar code generated for the information contained in the questionnaire and once completed it will attach to the patient's profile. Once a QR code pulls up it does not contain any PHI for optimal clinic use.  

How to use a QR code: 

  1. Click Patients in the upper navigation bar
  2. Search for the patient whose questionnaire you want to deliver
  3. Locate the Care Plan which contains the questionnaire


     4. Click the questionnaire you want to review to open its details. In the table that opens click the ... under the Action>View QR Code

    5. Open your tablet and scan the QR code


  • If you’re using an Apple device, simply pull up the camera to scan the code
  • If you’re using a Samsung, simply pull up the camera to scan the code 
  • If you’re using a Kindle, you will have to download a free QR code reader from the app store. The Kindle camera is not as powerful as Samsung or Apple so you may experience difficulty with scanning the QR code at times. 
  • If your device does not have a native QR reader on the device, you can download a free QR code reader app, however, Keet is unable to provide troubleshooting support on a third-party app.
  1. Click the link on the tablet to open the questionnaire
  2. Allow the patient to take the questionnaire and then click Complete
  3. Make sure you close the browser tab once the patient is done