Improvement Activities Satisfied by Keet

For MIPS reporting and scoring of PT/OT/SLPS, 85% of the score is made up of your quality outcomes (the performance from your PRO forms) the other 15% is a category called Improvement Activities. This category award points based on activities performed to improve clinical practice. By using Keet, you automatically meet enough activities to receive the maximum score in that category by satisfying the following measures: 

  • Collection and follow-up on patient experience and satisfaction data on beneficiary engagement (high weighted)

  • Participation in a QCDR, that promotes use of patient engagement tools (medium weighted)
  • Participation in a QCDR, that promotes collaborative learning network opportunities that are interactive (medium weighted)
  • Improved practices that engage patients pre-visit (medium weighted)

Additional information on the weighting of Improvement Activities and the impact on MIPS final score can be found here.