Adding Classifications to an Episode of Care

Within a patient Episode of Care or case, you can identify the Primary and subsequent Classifications that are relevant to a region of injury. Classifications are used to enhance reporting capabilities by allowing you to drill into the details of the injury/diagnosis. There may be one, or up to five classifications attached to an Episode of Care however, only the Primary Classification will be displayed on the patient detail screen.

To review this article on Keet's Classification System

  1. From the patient detail screen, select the Primary Classification hyperlink in teal that directs you to the Primary Classifications fields within the Edit menu. episode_of_care_primary_classification_field.png
  2. Enter the Treatment Category, Injury Onset/Surgery Date, and Duration of pain symptoms. You may choose a selection from the drop-down menu or type in the field to start a search for the Treatment Category.    
      • Once the Treatment Category is selected, you have the option to add a classification as well as up to 5 qualifiers. The dropdown options in these fields will vary dependent on the treatment category selected for the Diagnosis. 


3. Add in a Secondary Classification(s) if needed by selecting Add Classification.   classification_add.png

4. Repeat step three to add up to five classifications, if applicable.

5. When all of the relevant information has been added click Saveclassification_save.png