Clinicient: Established Connection to Keet

If you have an established integration or connection to Keet from your Clinicient EMR, this article will outline the integration details and how your patients and data are auto-populated in Keet. Click the links listed below to jump to a section: 




In-App Experience

Patient Creation Issues

Account Configuration

If any data is not set up correctly, the integration connection will not work properly. 

  1. Enabling integration will be done by Keet's Implementation Team within the Admin SettingsStatus > Edit Organization info. Be sure to review the external ID for the organization and confirm that it is correct or in place. 


2. This EMR Identifier is called the Tenant ID in Clinicient. 
  • To review your ID in Clinicient: Go to Settings > Company & Clinic Info 
  • Select Change Log at the bottom
  • Select Display Initial Entry Values check box
  • The first value field will be Tenant ID

3.  Keet will need to know your clinic's Initial Evaluation Appointment types to map your patient's first appointment in the database. This is important in creating your patient through the integration. 

The Implementation team will collect this information within Clincient and confirm these IE types are correct. If your clinic adds any new Initial Evaluation types, please contact Keet Support to ensure your integration is mapped correctly. email at:


  • To review your Initial Evaluation Types in Clincient. Go To > Settings > Clinical Settings 
Appointments Tab:
Type should be identifiable "Initial Eval"
Category should be Evaluation
In this example the clinic's Initial Evaluations are: 
Initial Eval 
Medicare Initial Eval
Telehealth Initial Eval


The EMR identifiers or External IDs must be present for each location of the integration to identify your patient and practitioner's place of service. To review, navigate to Locations in the Admin Settings Menu >Location> Action> Edit > EMR Identifiers. If you need to edit, Save it before closing. 

This will need to be done per location. 

  • This Location ID Identifier is called the Clinic ID in Clinicient. To review the Clinic's Location ID Go to > Settings > Company & Clinic Info 
  • Select the Clinics tab
  • Select the Display Initial Entry Values check box at the bottommceclip6.png
  • The Clinic ID/Location ID is the first value field. You will click through each clinic location in the left menu to ensure your location IDs are correct in Keet. Screen_Shot_2021-02-02_at_9.01.54_AM.png


Practitioners who treat patients will need to have their practitioner's External ID listed in Keet from the Clinicient EMR. Within the practitioner profile, the EMR ID is at the bottom of the Edit Profile menu. 

  • To review your practitioners External ID within Clincient Go To > Edit > Staffmceclip7.png
  • Select Browse to pull your staff list


  • Scroll to the last column on the right under ID



The Clinicient ID# found in on the Client Editor is the External ID# that will be used in Keet


In-App Experience

Once properly configured, the following items will be expected to create through the integration. 

Creation of a new patient

A new patient will be created each time there is a successful transmission of the following information to Keet:

  • Complete patient identification from EMR including patient name, birth date, email, case information, location of services, and Initial Evaluation appointment type

  • Practitioner's external or EMR ID that matches an existing external EMR ID in Keet

    • A practitioner must be assigned to the patient's Initial Evaluation Visit at the time of scheduling for the providers information to link to the Episode of Care and Care Plan
  • Location external ID matches an existing external Location ID in Keet

  • Initial Evaluation Appointment type is the same as the one configured within Keet 

Creation of an Episode of Care 

When a patient is created in the EMR, the patient will be created in Keet with TWO Episodes of Care. One is a "Default Episode of Care" and is required for the patient to be created. A Default Episode of Care is created upon patient creation; either manual or through integration. The integration cannot override the Default Episode of Care so this will remain on the patient's profile. 

The second EOC will represent the patient's CASE from the EMR. This “Case” Episode of Care will always be the first case seen when a practitioner clicks on the patient profile. The Episode of Care name will match that of the Case name in Clinicient.



Patient Assignment and Supervising Provider

Upon the successful creation of a patient, we will always have a successful practitioner external ID match in Keet. Keet will be able to assign that patient’s new Episode of Care to the treating therapist of the initial evaluation. This will be seen by navigating to the patient in Keet → EOC → Supervising Provider.


Updates to patients and supervising practitioners

There will be no subsequent updates to the Supervising Provider once it has been assigned from the Treating Therapist for the Initial Evaluation appointment in Clinicient. The assumption here is that typically the therapist completing the Initial Eval with the patient is the Supervising Therapist of the case. 

Creation of Practitioners via Integration

We currently are not auto-creating practitioners through the integration who do not already exist in Keet. A therapist must have the accurate External ID associated with them in Keet in order to have patients and Episodes of Care assigned to them. If you have a new care team member, please create their profile in Keet assigning them their External ID to ensure the patient is created properly.  

New Episodes of Care

In the instance where a patient comes in for a subsequent case, this Episode of Care will be created automatically with the proper assignment of the supervising practitioner. This case name will match the Case name in Clinicient. 

Case ID or Episode of Care ID 

Each integrated case will have its own unique Case ID. This will further inform the patient's case for MIPS reporting. This ID will be located in the Episode of Care. 

  • To review the Episode ID in Keet. Go to Patient > Select Edit on the Episode of Care > Identifier will match your Problem ID in Clincient 


  • To review the patient's Problem ID in Clincient Go to > Edit > Clients  Screen_Shot_2021-02-02_at_4.10.36_PM.png
  • Go to Change Log F9 and check box Display Initial Entry Values


  • The Client Editor will populate and find Problem ID


Patient Creation Issues

Integration message transmission may fail for various reasons. The elements below can contribute to integration message failures:

  • Missing Patient information
  • Location and its external ID do not exist in Keet

  • Practitioner and their external ID do not exist in Keet

  • No episode of care for appointment messages

See Near Real-Time Integration Required Data Chart below for a full list of required data.

Integration is handled via the Clinicient database ID and the organization is matched with the corresponding identifiers. Any locations setup under that Organization (that is already) live will begin processing messages from Clinicient to Keet. Typical transmission of data messages to Keet will occur within 15-30mins if all factors are present. 

Near Real-Time Integration Required Data

Near real-time patient and scheduling integrations are established to create patients, trigger workflows, and reports based on supplemental data from Keet Health and the source EHR.  We currently support HL7 2.5.x and greater. 

Field Name Description Required Example
Account ID Unique ID for the account (org level i.e. who would be associated with tin) x 12341234
Account Name Name of the account   Startup Therapy
Location ID Unique id for the location    
Location Name Name of the location    
Patient Name Patient name x John Smith
Patient ID Unique patient ID (xml feed) x 123452314
Patient DOB Patients date of birth x 07/01/97
Patient Gender Patients gender x male, female, other
Patient Email Patient email x  
Appointment ID Unique Appointment ID x 12344325
Clinic ID Unique Location or Clinic ID x 34
Appointment Category EHR Standard Appointment category that is not customizable by the clinic i.e. Initial Evaluation (note types don't change)   IE
Appointment Type Appointment Types that can be customized by the clinic x Initial Evaluation
Appointment Start Date Time Appointment start date x 12/22/2019
Initial Eval Date date of the initial evaluation    
Case ID Unique case id x Required for MIPS submission
Case Description Indicates what the case is related to, preferably the description of the case but the primary diagnosis description will work. This indicated what the case is related to x Left Knee
Appointment Status Appointment status i.e. Arrived, Scheduled, Canceled x Scheduled, Arrived, Canceled
Case Status Case status i.e. Active, Inactive   Active, Inactive
Total Visits Number of appointments    
Treating Therapist ID Unique treating therapist ID    1235123
Treating Therapist Name Treating therapist name    Jane Doe
Treating Therapist NPI Treating therapist NPI    65436566
Supervising Therapist ID Unique supervising therapist ID x 634565
Supervising Therapist Name Supervising therapist name   Elizabeth Jansen
Supervising Therapist NPI Supervising therapist NPI   456345634