New Feature Release: Questionnaire Version

Updated as of November 8, 2022

When viewing a Questionnaire in a patient's Care Plan you will now see a Version column next to the Score column.


The Version column will represent the Keet application version of the Questionnaire. If the publisher or researcher that developed the outcome measure updates the outcome measure, their version number will be reflected in the title of the Questionnaire itself, not in this column.

We have made this update so that you can see when changes, updates, or fixes are made to a Questionnaire within the Keet platform.

At this time you will only be able to add the most up-to-date version of a Questionnaire to a patient's Care Plan. However, when viewing previously completed Questionnaires which were an older version, you will still be able to view that historical version. For example, if the patient completed version 1 of a Questionnaire on 8/15/2022 and version 2 of that Questionnaire was released on 10/30/2022, when you view or print the Questionnaire completed on 8/15/2022 you will see version 1.

Once a new version of a Questionnaire is released you will no longer be able to “update answers” or “rescore” older versions of that Questionnaires that had previously been completed. We will post announcements in the Resource Center within the Keet platform to ensure that users have notice of new Questionnaire version releases. 

Examples of changes, updates, or modifications made to a Questionnaire that may warrant a version change are:

  1. Add a pain scale to a Questionnaire or add an additional item
  2. Update answer choice options if a typo or a change needs to be made
  3. Change the phrasing of a question or instructions to improve clarity

Please note that no changes changes will be made to researched or published versions of Questionnaires.

We anticipate new versions of some Questionnaires becoming live on January 1, 2023. Once new versions are live, we will add a table to this article that will include which Questionnaires have new versions, and what changes were made. The table will stay up to date as new versions of other Questionnaires are released. 


This update impacts how users build custom Questionnaires. Please view the articles below for more information.